I have been described as "a high-tech entrepreneur, musician, mad scientist, photographer and artist." I especially enjoy working in unexpected media such as toy beads, sand, snow and pumpkins.

Once you master the technical aspects of photography, it becomes an exercise in creativity and composition, just as with any other art form. I started carrying a camera 40 years ago and my photography really took off after I transitioned to digital and found an endless supply of Kodachrome 25 film crossed with the instant feedback of Polaroid. I do portraits, celebrations, landscapes, wildlife, interiors, product and portfolio photography, always looking for that air-pumping exhilaration of capturing something exceptional. I try to use natural light whenever possible, and supplement it with modifiers and strobes. My most memorable shots are often taken during the golden hours before sunset.

An offshoot of my portrait photography, I create what could be called three-dimensional prints. I recently donated a custom commission to the Gage Academy of Art fundraiser. The auction show was juried and, to my surprise, my entry received an honorable mention. I am currently working on creating a series of self-referential mosaics in a variety of media.

Please contact me so we can discuss how I can help in your latest project.